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Struggling Family and Business asking support of any kind hearted human being that is willing to contribute to a family of 5 struggling to pay the bills and feed our children. Also trying to collect for a startup business to finally be able to consistently out food on the table and hopefully one day pay for our children to go off to college. As a former UPS driver currently unemployed and struggling to continue to support his family and pay the bills we are turning to start an online collection for me to start a DSP program with Amazon but the startup cost necessary is 30000 dollars and with my credit situation due to the loss of my UPS job in December 2021 right before Christmas I am unable to borrow the funds from any type of lending institution including the SBA who failed to fund me for a PPP loan. So we are asking anyone willing to help me and my family to raise such a large amount of money 30K is a lot of money to us right now living on 400 a week unemployment which doesn’t pay all of our bills. Whoever is will to help contribute to help our startup cost to partner with amazon please send donations to this is my paypal email as well as use cashapp $Colopy. Any amount helps we thank you for your kindness and generosity in our time of need. God Bless all that are able and willing to contribute.

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